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    Management Services

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We are a group of midstream professionals that aim to streamline projects, increase efficiency, lower overall construction cost, and exceed our client's integrity standards.
  • Pre Construction Planning
  • Contractor Selection
  • Cost Management
  • Progress Tracking
  • Scheduling
  • Project Documentation
  • Pre Construction Planning
  • Budget Planning
  • Process and Procedure Development
  • Project and Cost Analyst
  • Project Tracking
  • Scheduling
  • Project Documentation
  • Cheifs
  • Assistant Cheifs
  • Welding Inspectors
  • Utility Inspectors
  • NACE Inspectors
  • Safety Inspectors
  • Environmental Inspectors
  • Office Managers
  • I&E Inspectors
  • Film Auditors

Services We Offer

Pipeline Construction

We specialize in construction projects for steel and poly pipelines

Facility Construction

Experienced in well pads, compressor stations, tank batteries, meter runs, and processing plants

Safety Management

Program development, consulting, inspection, OSHA training, SAFELAND, First Aid training, and CPR training


Advanced proprietary project management software for oil and gas construction projects.

Past Projects

Patented Construction Management Software

Near Live Project Updates

Take advantage of the fastest field to office project management software.

  • Daily Foreman Reports
  • Instant Progress Calculations
  • Crew Locations
  • Equipment Locations
  • Schedule Projections
  • Live Cost Projections

Track All Aspects of Your Project

Track your project live as construction takes place.

  • Progress
  • Cost
  • Personnel
  • Equipment
  • Schedules
  • And More...

Cloud Based File Storage

Worry no more about sending large engineering files over emails or private servers while also ensuring all coworkers have the latest drawing revisions. Our cloud based file sharing system scales from terabytes to petabytes of data and can be easily shared or linked with anyone within your organization live. Password encrypt your private files, create sharable links to group files and folders, drag and drop uploads, live online document editing, and much more. Running a business has never been easier.


  • Create project schedules
  • Compare progress based on schedules
  • Observe construction changes and how it affects the overall project
  • Predict staffing needs based on current progress

Construction simplified

Database driven eliminates the need for warehouses of project documentation and job books. By structuring our software around a central database, we are able to store larger amounts of data, provide on demand calculations, streamline efficiency, save time, and eliminate redundancies that occur throughout most large construction projects.

Generate Reports Instantly

Grant or restrict any user privledges based on their needs. Allow only relevant employees to view the information needed. Generate module specific reports live at any time. Generate reports based on progress, schedules, job cost, invoicing, expenses, timesheets, personnel, equipment, rate sheets, and more.